Alidor Claeys Zedelgem
Producer of small castings in lamellar, nodular en light alloy cast irons in smaller volumes.

Carregon Piguillet Moordrecht
Market leader in the application of high chemical resistant heat cured phenol coatings externally to heat exchangers, piping water and valves.

Machine Fabriek Elburg
Expert in the manufacture and supply of machined castings, precision rotation and milling parts and composite products (modules).

Non Ferro Gieterij Oldenzaal
Producer of castings in bronze, aluminium bronze, aluminium alloys and various types of stainless steel.

Profins Peterlee
Manufacturer of high quality helically-wound finned heat exchanger tubing.

TECO Tube Expanders Company Leiderdorp
Producer of tools for the heat transfer industry. Makers of the TECO brand of Expanders, Cleaners and Accessories for the manufacturing of boilers, condensers and heat exchangers.

Vanguard Foundry LTD. Stourbridge
Producer of nodular castings in small volumes.


Glaskruid 12
3621 RH  Breukelen


KvK nr.30237897
BTW nr.NL173413110B01